Silenced Tree got Two Awards from 8th Torino Underground Film Festival

Silenced Tree got the Best Film and Best Editing Awards from 8Th Torino Underground Film Festival on 9th September 2021 Closing Ceremony at Torino.

The conclusion of the festival is the case with the projection of Silenced Tree of the Turkish director Faysal Soysal, winner of the best editing according to Hervé Schneid – editor de Amélie poulain –

“to use an expressive language free, and indirect, as poetry, preferred to a linear narrative,”

and, to the jury, the winner of the best film “for the important moral issues that the film raises about the

“sense of responsibility” of the individual, and of the artist, to the community, for the poetic, poignant hope that is launched, so that the human race can rise and aspire to a new life, made of empathy and awareness, for teaching us that no sacrifice is never in vain, and that every end brings with it the seeds of a new beginning.”

Faysal Soysal’s speech for the award ceremony.

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