Faysal Soysal was born in Batman. He left medical school to focus on poetry and cinema in 2000. Between 2003 and 2007, he finished MA on “Film Directing” in Tehran Art University-Iran and at the same time “New Turkish Literature” at Van Yuzuncuyil University-Turkey. He did 4 short films in Iran, which were awarded at international film festivals. With ‘Dreams of Lost Time’(35mm), he’s become closer to find his own cinematographic language.

In 2008, with a scholarship, he attended to the New York Film Academy and directed 4 short
films. He has been selected for Talent Campus of Sarajevo Film Festival at 2009. He did his first feature film ‘Crossroads’ in 2013, (Filmed in Turkey and Bosnia) and it got 13 awards from film festivals. He did documentary series for Al Jazire and TRT TV. He used to be voluntary of Doctors Worldwide and produced Africa documentaries about their aid. They have been screened on TRT Documentary Channel in the name Worldwide Stories as 11 episodes. He published books on poetry and cinema. He is the director of International Amity Short Film Festival since three years. He finished his second feature film Silenced Tree as a first co-production of Turkish-Iranian at 2020.


Feature Film

Silenced Tree, 2020
Crossroads, 2013
Building of Hope, 2016 Tv-film (As Generel Director and Producer)


Palastine, Doctors Worldwide Stories, 2011
Firstly, Songs has been Changed in Istanbul, 2014
Missing Times in Srebrenica-Prijedor, 2015
Worldwide Stories 11 episode, 2014-2015
Mother of Srebrenica 5 episode, 2015
Journey to East-Iranian Kurdish Cultural Life, 26 episode (as Producer)

Short Film

Forbidden Dream, 2005
Ithaki, 2005
The Day I Became My Mother, 2006
Dreams of Lost Time, 2007
Mizan-sen, 2008
What Time It Is ?, 2008

Music Video

İstanbul 2008
İthaca 2008


‘Silenced Tree’

  • 27th Adana Film Festival, Turkey (September 2020) / Best Music, Best Actor
  • Eurosia Film Festival, Russia (November 2020) / Best Camera
  • 6th Bremen Film Festival, Germany (April 2021) / Best Literature Film
  • Torino Underground Cinefest, Italy (September 2021) / Best Film, Best Editing
  • Balkan Panorama Film Festival, Turkey (October 2021) / Best Film, Best Actor
  • 6th London City Film Awards (November 2021) / Best Film
  • 6th Festival of Moving Image-The Artists Forum New York(December 2021) / Best Narrative Film, Best Actor
  • 9th Antakya Film Festival, Turkey (December 2021) / Best Actor
  • 5th Nepal Film Festival (March 2022) / Best Film
  • 9th Fine Arts Film Festival, California (June 2022) / Best Film, Best Director
  • 2.Neptune Film Awards, Bologna, (June, 2022) / Best Music Score, Best Film
  • 14th Hamilton New York Film Festival (August 2022) / Best Film
  • 8 & Halfilm Awards (20th August, Rome 2022) / Best Human Rights Film
  • 4th Munich Film Awards (22th August, Germany 2022) / Best Film


Best Screenplay at 32.Tehran International Fajr Film Festival, 2014
Best Turkish film of 2013 by Eskader Art Critics
Best New Talented Director 25.Ankara Film Festival, 2014
Special Juri Prize, 10.Kazan International Film Festival, 2014
Best Actor, 6.Prifest Kosova International Film Festival, 2014
Best Art Directing,  Best DOP, Best Actor, Best Actress, Van Lake Film Festival (Turkey)
Best Film, El Ojo Kojo Film Festival (Spain)
Best Script Xi An Silk Road Film Festival (China)
Best Film Overlook Film Festival (Italy)

“The Dreams of Lost Time”

Best Short Film – Boston Turkish Film Festival, 2008
Best Cinematography and Best film – Marmara University Film Festival, 2007
Honorary Award – Tehran International Short Film Festival, 2007
Best Short Film – Istanbul International Film Festival, 2007

“The Day I Became My Mother”

Special Media Prize – Baku Audio Visual Film Festival, Azerbaijan, 2006

“Forbidden Dream”

Second Short Prize – Kristal Klaket Film Festival, 2007
Best Script and Best Cinematography – Kisa Cek Short Film Festival, 2006
Best Film – Human Rights Short Film Festival in Istanbul, 2005
Best Film from Qazvin (Iran) Short Film Festival, 2005